Finding God

I found a god
In a haze of smoke
And a pot of ashes
It brought warmth and nonchalance
A little burn to the front of my lips,
My solace when I’m lost
A god between my fingers
A god I crush under my feet as it fizzles out
A god that kills

I found a god
In red cups and colourful lights
Dark nights, my tunnel
Twists and twirls on poles of vanity
Elation to my senses
Groggy eyes and wobbly feet
Perturbation lost in naïveté
I found a god in my bloodstream
One that fades as the dawn comes
My worries shine with the glory of the morning

I found a god
In hustle and bustle
A god of my time
A god that flies
Sinking daily in the plow of the dunes
Daily digging a bottomless pit
My new god loves for me the scorch of the sun
The cracking of my feet, its enchantment
I found a god etched in my palms
One the shatters my back bone
And suffers my skin the ointment of comfort
One that removes energy and replaces with despair

I found god
I let my soul a-peace
I revel in the pulchritude of the sun
I marvel at the waxing of the skies
I dug my feet in the morning grass
To feel the cool of the dew

I found god
In the tender wings of a Swallowtail Butterfly
As the winds carried it up in love
I found god in fettered waters
In sharks and crayfishes

I found god
In the skin of Baobabs and Elephant grasses
As they emit love for the balance of the earth
I found god in infinitesimal details
I found god in Massive structures

I found god in little “Hellos” and teary “byes”
In careless smiles and teary eyes
In warm hugs and in shared meals
I found god in shoulders I cry on
And in the hands that sponge my tears
I found god in beautiful paintings
And sonorous voices
I found god in injuries and in flawless skins
In our humanity, I found God
The God whom we call Love