Fura De Nono

My lips are sealed
The sight of the men dressed like terror
Wearing armours of fury
Spitting words like sharp swords that Pierce the soul.

But my heart is an open book
My eyes as a pen
Writing down these things I see
I am going to be out of here soon
Even though I can’t see the sun rise
Nor the moon smile
But I know someone in the streets of Lagos remembers me as the sun sets
Someone in Kaduna prays for me at the first sight of the moon.

Fura de Nono we feed on daily
I brew it at home with mother
And it tastes good
But this one here
Tastes like tears
Even though it is still as thick as my hopes.
I know mother keeps my sweet share of Fura de Nono for me

They hate us because we are little kids who love education
They imprisoned us because we dared to dream
Not knowing they are in a prison of their own
A prison of hatred for themselves
I like to smile to the new prisoners
Maybe they will have a hope like me
My smile, the only weapon I wield

I close my eyes sometimes
To create a new Nigeria
Where we love each other
Regardless of religion or tribe
Where we little ones are allowed to dream
And the old folks live their dreams
Where my mother doesn’t have to pour away my Fura de Nono
Because she thinks I am not coming to her arms anymore.