She roams the earth one last time
With foot bare and a face of sorrow
Her skin glows,
Like a newly polished calabash.
She is locked out of the afterlife
Her place in life sold to death
She makes her last journey with others like her on the street of red soil
Her beloved’s face to behold again
With a little veil she shields her face from mortality
She makes way for the River bank
A last splash of cool evening wind thumped her face
She smiled for the cool wind reminded her of her lover’s warm embrace 
There at the River bank they shared a fruit in her third life
Their vows they speak to heart
Their love they interwoven in their fingers
Dusk creeped in
It was time to make the final Odyssey 
Like a mirage, he watched her walk back onto the street of red soil
He waved her goodbye, lost of the notion it was his last
A wryly smile in the corner of her lips and tears in her eyes
She waved a distant goodbye
Her last grasp of mortality
Her last feel of love
In the after life,
She would tell them of her stint by the River bank
With lavish smiles,
She would remind them how beautiful love is
She would let them know how good the red soil made her feet feel.
In our world, it is still gnashing of teeth
And biting of tongue
In our world, she is lowered beneath the red soil to be seen no more
In our world it is a tale of a Young man with whom love has made Mad
In our world, It is a race for whom is farther from the River bank.
In our world, we remain as a blind squirrel running the street of red soil.
Maybe the day after forever, our eyes will be broad to the many frittered nuts.

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