Orchard of Little Sins EP1
Orchard of Little Sins EP2
The yellow slit gown hung by the dressing mirror next to the only window in Nonye’s room was adorable, it was something that Chinonso got for Nonye on his last trip to Canada. Chinonso is a story for another day, have it on good note that he is like a brother to her. Nonye stood a few feet away from the gown looking at it with admiration and also as a plague. Her look reminds one of a scene from “the gods must be crazy” when Xixo found the coke bottle. She looked at the gown with so much admiration like it was worn by Charlize Theron on the Oscar’s red carpet. The thought of how good it will look on her gave her a tingle underneath her tongue. She had never put anything so revealing on and she didn’t even know how she was going to cross the river Jordan of mama or the wall of Jericho of her clergy dad sitting in the Living room listening to the evening broadcast on Channels TV. She took a deep breathe and decided to settle for something else. She checked the upper deck of her wardrobe and picked out a red top with little black polka dots, her heart dashed back to the gown, she knew she had to impress Dennis the Fashion savvy man who has been dropping a lot of hints lately. She knew his plan from when he first made that little cocky but well appreciated approach in his uncle’s phone shop in Yaba. She dismissed herself from her Wonderland after few days of reverie in the euphoria of what went down with Dennis on their first meeting, he wasn’t her type, he was way above her league and she knew well, but she loved his constant phone calls and his charming voice gets her head over heels by each decibel it hits her ear drum, she felt comfortable talking all midnight to him, he was like the gist partner she never had, he brought her out of her shell. Late night giggles and small talks once angered her dad and he ordered her to come downstairs for night vigil. Since she could stay on the phone all night talking to her friends, she can as well use that time to talk to God about getting a job he had said with irritation.

This was a dream come true for her, she had never been on a date before talk less of being in a relationship but here she is, a charming man. She imagined how Lola and Blossom her roomies during her Uni days would have taken it “Nonye don catch big fish” she imagined how Blossom would have had a cynical smile on as she muzzled those words out of her mouth and how Lola would have started making plans in her ever jolly self of how Dennis would take them all out to a fun spot in Sabo. She was not more in the Uni, but she had to keep this big fish of hers. She had to make sure he loves her. She made up a plan, she had a well of experience from all her eyes have seen back in Moremi hostel, she hasn’t spent more than two years away from the Uni, so she could recall a lot easily, Nonye isn’t even the type that forgets. She remembers the plate numbers of guys that come visiting her friends so how on earth would she forget Lola’s tales of sneaking out of her father’s house on some Friday nights when school was on vacation pretending and dressing up for vigil but ensuring her treasure chest of party clothes were kept safe in her father’s poultry just by the gate. She thought of a synonymous place to Lola’s dad poultry in her own father’s house, the only place close was the generator house that also served partly as the home incinerator. It was amidst her thoughts that Mama walked in without knocking, Nonye was engrossed in her plans that she didn’t hear Mama’s footsteps as she came up the stairs. She was doomed she thought. nwa m nwanyị this is a beautiful dress, who owns it?” Nonye’s  whole body was going to tell a lie except that her mouth disagreed and uttered “It is mine Mama” her heartbeat now so loud she thinks Mama could  hear it too. “Are you going out?” Mama asked as she continued to examine the dress. Before Nonye could decide between the easy lie or the fiery truth, Mama said softly “How old is the boy?” “where does he work?” “Is he Igbo?” “Have you had your bath?” Nonye’s mouth wide agape as her mother threw these surreal questions. Nonye thought she was in a trance or maybe she was even on set of a movie. Her own mother? Asking her these ridiculous questions? The same woman that flogged and humiliated her publicly when she heard she was at a boy’s house after school hours in her secondary school days. Her mother? The control freak that never lets her wear anything that reveals even her knees? Her own mother? All these thoughts raced through her mind like Usain Bolt on a hundred metre track. “Mama, I have a date, it is not far from the house here, I don’t know the answer to these questions, all I know is that the boy’s name is Dennis and he is doing  is housemanship in medical school, he will pick me up by 7:30. Even though Dennis already told her a lot about himself, she lied to her mother to get her off her back. Mama had a witty smile as her daughter divulged the little informations she had on him. Nwa you are a woman and you are not a kid anymore, I hope you are not going out there just to eat and talk about paintings? Please my daughter, time is not on the side of we women and here you are already twenty six years old” Mama left with her voice resonating in Nonye’s head. She had a habit of walking away while making her point, this way she thinks it will resound in the mind of the listener. Maybe she doesn’t necessarily need to hide the dress in the generator house anyway Nonye thought, since the River Jordan already parted itself and her wall of Jericho is well away in his night fetish of hiding away having devotion in his study.

Dennis arrived around quarter to seven, the sun had gone to bed and the moon was dressing up for the evening night out. His Black Mazda 626 didn’t sparkle as much as his pink shirt and white pants, he wore a white panama hat to accompany it. He punched his Trium phone making to call Nonye when Adim Nonye’s little brother stepped out with Ahmed the gate man holding the gate for him to pass through. He greeted Dennis warmly like a twenty years old boy, he was only fourteen . Nonye had planned with her little brother to meet up with Dennis as soon as he got to their gate to keep him outside away from Mama’s intimidation. Adim didn’t seem to like Dennis’ flashiness but he had to hold the forte for his big sister. Dennis kept asking him questions he intended not to give a reply. 

The pedestrian gate squeaked open and Nonye stepped out with her hair brushed back in a wavy carribean feel and a shy outlook to give the adorable  Yellow gown a quiet beauty . Dennis had a very weird sense of humor, sometimes painful humor but it sure makes you laugh. He exclaimed at the sight of Nonye, he had seen her just that once back in Yaba, but this second impression will linger for a long time. “You look very beautiful Nonnie” the name he loves to call her “Did the Reverend buy this sexy Yellow beauty for you?” he laughed in a cocky manner, Nonye managed a smile from the joke and Adim got that as a cue for him to take his leave, a smart boy that he is. Dennis moved over to the passengers side of the car and opened the door for her, she sat and dropped her brown purse on the cream coloured dashboard. Not like anything special was in the purse, but she knows every other girl has that to accompany her out. She was going to compliment his outfit when Mama opened the pedestrian gate and walked up to the car with Adim peeping behind her with the “Bursted!!” look on his face. Dennis alighted and greeted Mama like she was his own mother, speaking quality Igbo even better than the Lagos infiltrated Igbo Nonye speaks . She flashed him her usual witty smile “And you must be the Dennis? I have heard a lot about you from my darling daughter. Do enjoy yourselves and don’t be too long. Next time when we see we would talk very well di m” she talked rapidly and didn’t wait for Dennis to tell her his own lie of how much Nonye had told him about her or wait for Nonye to protest to her mild altercation of the truth before she made back for the gate with Adim making a swift run for the door.

*Phone beeps*

It was really a great dinner and night altogether. I would like to have more of this with you, not as a normal friend but as your special man. Nonye I love you and want you in my life. I will call you in the morning, sleep tight.

Nonye had that tingle under her tongue again, this weird man sent this text message to her after making her laugh and doing every other thing right except asking her to be the love of his life. Something he could have really asked her in person, something he could have asked while Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” was playing over his car stereo, yet he chose this method. Maybe she should allow him beg a little? But she remembered her mother’s words “Time is not on a woman’s side” She picked up her phone and texted him back, she can’t let this one man slip away 

I equally enjoyed myself dear, even though I cook way better than the chef at  that restaurant. *giggles* When you call me in the morning, I will give you an answer. Thank you and good night…

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