When Is Tomorrow?


Though beautiful and adorned
A mannequin clothed in royal apparel can never become king
Until the apparel is worn on a befitting body.

I ask myself When will “Tomorrow” ever come?
A retrospect into past years
“The Leaders of Tomorrow” the title each and every kid had as an embroidery in their hearts
The ones who will take the nation to another phase, all they said we were
At the desk which we were given this title
Sits the same “king maker”
Without shifting an inch
How do we ever want to achieve “Tomorrow”?

When will Tomorrow come?
When all our youthful energy has been wasted on frivolities?
When another generation of future leaders are here?
When the “King Makers” destroy all the inheritance of the heir?
Are we not in an abyss of eternal mental slavery?

The heir to the throne is clothed in the apparel of a palace guard
And yes, the heir rejoices because he hasn’t realized he is “Tomorrow”
He is given weapons of war by the “king makers”
And he gladly uses it for his own destruction
He roams the streets, glad to “know” the king makers
Our freedom is fragile.
Our Ignorance a solid Rock

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