Nonye sat in front of the mirror staring at her oblong face like an obese kid looking at a candy that can’t be reached, she kept turning at various angles to check for blemishes on her face. She looked for dark spots, pimples or anything at all that could mar her skin. Nonye wasn’t the type of girl that would know what to use on her skin if she had a black spot or a pimple, she was a very wrong source to seek knowledge in times of fashion needs. Back in her second year in the university, her Diploma roommate asked her if she had a make up kit, Nonye was lost! Make up kit? Well, I have pears baby lotion and a soul mate hair cream she had said. Almost all Moremi girls heard of the chic that thought Pears lotion and Soulmate hair cream are legit make up accessories. Nonye was loved by all the roommates she had back in the university of Lagos, not because she was the hippiest person to be around, but because her Culinary art was top notch. She basically enjoys the heat in the kitchen. When she has the opportunity, she likes to tell anyone that cares to listen about how she made pancakes for the whole house when she was seven years old, and also how she made better spring rolls than her mom or anyone she knew. Many people didn’t really care about her story, she only gets to tell it when they are waiting for her to finish cooking, once the food is ready, like the biblical swarm of insects that plagued Egypt, so are Moremi girls to Nonye’s pot whenever she cooks. She never bothered about how fast her foodstuffs finished because there was always a Moremi girl that would like to collabo with her.

It was her mother’s loud bang on the door that jostled her to realize she had been in front of the mirror for almost twenty minutes. Ezigbo biko could you come help with the chicken before your father returns? her Mother said standing in between the door and stretching her neck to look around the room. I will be right there mama she replied ehn ehn mama, please do you have anything I could use on my face? I am seeing some dark spots and pimples? Nonye quickly added in. Her mother turned around and walked into the room this time, she walked around a bit like she was trying to detect a bad omen somewhere, like an African lion that spotted a Gazelle in the thicket. Nwa m nwanyị, sit down. She sat on the well laid bed with a cream bedspread with darling floral design and tapped on it twice to indicate where she wanted Nonye to sit. All sorts of thoughts raced through Nonye’s mind, she never likes it more than half of the times her mother acted in this manner. She sat a few inches away from where her mother had tapped and fixed her gaze on the painting of a mother carrying her child in an intense embrace, she had bought the painting at an expo in Abuja. Even though her father detested it, she still hung it. You see my daughter, Time na-echere n’ihi na ọ dịghị otu onye, Time doesn’t wait for anyone. You are twenty six years old and I don’t see men coming around to ask after you. Adịghị m obi ụtọ, I am not happy. Deaconess Nwafor’s daughter got married last year at the age of twenty three, the deaconess is in South Africa now doing Omugwo for her daughter. Biko my daughter, don’t put me and your father to shame. I am sure it is hard for your father to preach about Marriage on the altar. Haba! Mama Nonye squeaked-in obviously getting infuriated by the moral talk. Ngwanu! That is all I have to say to you, I have a pawpaw paste downstairs that you can use on your face, if it doesn’t work, I will give you some money to get other drugs you can use for your face, you must get a husband real quick.
Mama kept talking as she walked the staircase…

Orchard of Little Sins EP1

5 thoughts on “By Orchard of Little Sins #2

  1. She only asked a simple question “mama please do you have anything I could use on my face?…” Chai I’m sure it was same mama who told Nonye to steer clear of boys when she was 16

    Thumbs up

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