The incest called love
‘Détóún the young girls envy
Even through the warning of Ìyá àgbà
She did court Aríyíbí
The furor called Love
Nights they sneaked to the palm wine shed
Just for him to show off his “Arewa”
The young men ignoring their game of ayo to catch a glimpse of the night fly that allures.
Ìyá àgbà’s knowledge lost in her sleep
The Abomination called Love
She gave Aríyíbí herself
Even without being espoused out by Ìyá àgbà
A commonplace it was under the guava tree every available dusk
The infamy called Love
Àníyìkáyé’s smiles and gifts bedevils Aríyíbí
‘Détóún’s shyly smiles at Àníyìkáyé annoys him most
Surely, Àníyìkáyé enjoys the fruit under the guava too
What better revenge could he get?
A mischievous chill down the spine of the wicked
Like fetched water from a stream not yet flustered
The thought of Àníyìkáyé crowing like a cock or the thought of him summersaulting?
Soothing! Eternally Soothing
Decisions left for Baba to make
What happens when the Guava is only a commonplace for Aríyíbí and ‘Détóún ?
When it is laid on ‘Détóún
Somebody has to pay
Màgùn, aarun ti o gbogun

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