Mama I Failed


Mama took me by the hands
The love of a mother so unending
Son which would you like, a bicycle or a tricycle?
A bicycle I muttered with elation
Paul and my other friends all have bicycles
With a Pulchritudinous smile
Mama untied the edge of her wrapper
An austere bargain with the bicycle man
Less care I gave, all I wanted was my ride
Mama triumphed and got her Little Man his toy.

Such joy, such pride, such audacity
Because my mama got me a bicycle
Now I can ride with Paul, Tunde even Mary

Mama patted my back, purring her sweet and care nested voice in my ear “Son, be careful”
I pushed my bicycle down the clammy road
Friends waiting to touch and remove the virginity
c’mon ride with us,they said
I sat on the cold seat of the bicycle
Hoping for the two legs to carry me on
Alas! The legs let me down
Friends encouraged
But their voice sounded nothing like mama’s
I was pushed down the street
I hit the end and fell flat to the floor
Bruised and battered
Bicycle tattered
Tears rolling down my fluffy cheeks

I Scuffed back the clammy road
Noticing all puddles, joy taken away
Got to the front door
Into my mama’s open arms
Mama, I failed you” I muttered”
She Squeezed me tightly
I felt secured in my mama’s embrace
I felt my mama’s tears hit my head
I felt my mama’s love fill my heart
I felt my mama’s little whispers dry my tears
Son, I love you
I felt my feet over the world again.

14 thoughts on “Mama I Failed

  1. Beautiful!! Looks like somtin I want to read to my kids when I’m finally ready to make a family.
    And the artwork is Smooth, u shld know!

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