Two Flowers

Two flowers sitting in a pot
Woke up one morning
Smiled to the sun
And fluttered to the tunes of the winds
East, west, south, north
They swayed with no worries
A little bee perched on the red blossom Steals its grains, while the blossom protested
yellow blossom guffawed
The fate that awaits it, no grey matter was bequeathed for it to comprehend.
A great hand cometh forth and the bee
The next victim is the laughing flower
Plucked out of its abode with no prior caution
All its grain scattered on the floor
Who laughs last?

5 thoughts on “Two Flowers

  1. Poet Akinwonuola,would you pls come down to my standard..must i look for dictionary cuz I want to read ur poem? It’s beautiful tho *wink*

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