Chioma adjusted her son’s collar, gave him a warm hug and kissed him goodbye. She entered her Prado jeep and waved. Tears rolling down Jacob’s face, he was a boy with a strong heart even his parents admired his courage and approach to issues, even though he was meant to be  a butty child. His tears is not because he saw his mum go…

It was the first day of the school year, flashes of smiles can be seen all across Greenfield School, Ikoyi. Faces all shiny in their new green and white school uniforms, new backpacks and Lunch box in a “see what my mum got me” swagger. Jacob was also shiny save for the tear drops that smeared his fluffy cheeks.
Moyin grabbed Jacob’s arm, she was his best friend and they haven’t seen each other most of the summer. “Hey Jake, how are you and how is Ikoyi? Let’s go to the assembly ground we have a lot of catching up to do “ she said smiling not noticing Jacob’s cheek. Smart Jacob would not allow any girl see his tears, he quickly bent down like he wanted to remove something from his bag and cleaned his face. They walked down to the assembly ground, Moyin opened her bag and brought out a paper and waved it at his face “Jake my daddy helped  with my composition hope you have finished yours?” Jacob Nodded. My daddy said I could take the common entrance this year” she said again, Jake didn’t answer her this time, girls and wahala
The Headmistress of Greenfield school took to the podium, she was full of smiles happy to see her kids again. Before addressing them it is customary that the teachers inspect the pupils, but since it was the first day of school that was not needed as every of them was on a new attire.
They matched to their classrooms, line by line all singing ”
We are H-A-P-P-Y
We are H-A-P-P-Y
We know we are
We are sure we are
We are H-A-P-P-Y

Jacob dropped his books in his locker and took his bag and Lunch box to the back of the class where the rack was. Mrs Essien was already in class and was welcoming the kids in with smiles, she was their class teacher last year so she knew them all and cherished them, she knew all of them and what they are capable of, she knew all their parents too. Much of a teacher she is.
After they were all seated, she walked briskly to the front of the class and they all stood and echoedGood morning Ma!God bless you Ma!!We are happy to see you!!!” She replied “God bless all of you, I am happy to see your sweet faces all again. Who missed me? she asked and all their hands flew up in a synchronized way, even Jacob’s hand was up too. “I missed you all too, hope you all have your compositions here?”she asked “YES!!!”they chorused. She told Winnie to collect the composition and submit it to her desk before they all went to the computer room for their first class.

Mrs Essien a very hard working teacher, picked up the compositions and started going through them. Some were very hilarious, like Ekene’s who said his father thought him how to drive during his holiday. She laughed hysterically, how can a normal father teach his son how to drive at the age of 8. She read a couple of other compositions, corrected many spelling mistakes her thick glasses could help her spot before she got to Jacob’s composition.

The teacher removed her glasses and wiped the tear in her eye with the back of her palm, she was emotional the scrawls that were on the paper before her was so touching she didn’t know when the tear dropped.

My name is Jacob Adetayo, I am writing a composition on how I spent my last holiday. I spent my last holiday in my mummy’s new house in Ikoyi. I used to spend my holidays in our house at Lekki with Dad and Mum before, but this holiday everything changed. Mum told me we had to move to Ikoyi without dad. I don’t know why we moved to Ikoyi without my daddy, I miss him. I think it is because of that lawyer that always comes to our house and ask Dad to sign a document that he always refuses to. After the lawyer leaves our Lekki house, mum will escort him to the door and come back yelling on my daddy and ask him why he didn’t sign the document, that she was tired of staying with him and living a boring life. I don’t know why my mummy said my daddy was boring, my daddy is very fun filled, he takes me and mom to the park every time and we play together. My daddy always takes me and my friend Moyin anywhere we wanted every Holiday except from this holiday. I miss my daddy, I always sleep with him on the couch in the sitting room during holidays after we both watch movies on our 3D TV, but this holiday I never get to watch much of TV because I was always in the car with mum, and when we get back at night she is always forcing me to sleep. I miss my daddy, he always calls me everyday but it is not like seeing him. I don’t like Mr. Okoh he comes to our house almost every weekend during my last holiday. When he comes, he hugs and kisses mum just like dad does and they also sit down a long time in front of the TV together while me and aunty Toyin our house help will be in the toy room together. Our new house help also sleeps a lot, everything here is not like Lekki with my Daddy. I miss my daddy, he came to visit me during my holiday and my mum shouted on him but she still allowed him to see me, that was my best day this holiday. Daddy played with me in the toy room and promised me I am going to spend the next holiday in Lekki with him and mum. I asked him who was going to take me to school when we resumed and he said mum will. I like mummy’s Prado, I love my daddy’s range rover better because he allows me seat anywhere I want unlike mum that makes me seat at the back. I miss the holidays with my dad and mum, I cried many times this holiday. I want my next holiday to be in Lekki with My daddy and Mummy. I will be 9years old, and will be big with muscles like my dad, I want someone to wrestle with, I want my Daddy and Mummy to hug each other again and not Mr. Okoh, I want to sleep on the couch with my daddy again. My last holiday was not like Moyin’s own but I want my next holiday with my daddy and mummy in Lekki.

As she cleaned the tear in her eye, the pupils walk in guided by the computer teacher. She spotted Jacob and Moyin, she couldn’t control the tears now…

Children ought not to be victims of choices adults make for them – WADE HORN

confluence of hearts…

25 thoughts on “JACOB’S CROSS

  1. Nice, nice, nice! I’m really touched. People from broken homes can relate with this. Great work, Ore dear. Going to share this

  2. Personally, I don’t believe in divorce but some opt for it based on irreconliable differences between both spouses. One painful thing about divorce is that most people think it is about two parties forgetting that there are also parties( and in this case it is just one) who get affected the most but are not put into consideration; the kids or product of the marriage.
    As easy as the process seem it has a long and damaging effect on all parties concerned; including the instigator. Now, if we are to consider the effects on the product of the marriage then we might as well view it from the two standpoint: psychological and emotional. These kids(product of divorce) are usally moody, have low performances in school, keep to themselves and most often than not feel dejected; these to me is too much for kids to bear. Suprisingly, adult-kids also get affected too.
    In light of the above, I have advocated on several occasions that several mediums- like spiritual counselling and mediation, should be adopted before divorce can finally be entered into.

    But we one fact to we have to accept is divorce is inevitable as most people prepare for wedding and not marriage which is the main thing. We must try as much as possible to ‘think right’ before entering into this live time institution. Many kids are out there who are product of broken homes and also have their dreams and aspirations shattered too; they are the criminals we see around. Divorce is not the best. Love must work!!!!

    Espirit de Lois

  3. @icon oreoluwatobi, lets keep spreading the mesage; our youths need to think beyond today, lets save posterity, nice piece bro……

  4. The irony of life , ”having riches and not misses”. Having someone to cuddle you when in the rain is life, having someone tell you how sweet you look amidst pain is life, I mean having someone to talk to whilst in a brisk walk in life’s desert that is life, having a babe (your sweet damsel) drink garri with you in an happy bowl without the correspondence of shoprite, That is love. Having the guts to laugh out loud with someone in the midst of pain is cherishing. Well having been in a home where the mom have taken an eternal rest, I cant but say ‘when you have a home please cherish and build it’ you might just discover that you lose your diamonds while searching for stones. Well I wont say this is a nice piece of… Until I see ICON in the best sellers list. Bro you awaken reality in an alienated world. Welcome on board. This flight would be bumpy but its a flight afterall.

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