Love brought me here
Without my consent,
Love did bring me here.
Love held my hands-on through the cheerless cities of hate
Love lead me through a path steep and low
I mingled and tried to be unlike Love
Enticed by Gold plated jewels and all
But Love won’t give in to my choice
He showed me the origin of true jewels.

Youthful exuberance ate me up
I picked up a banana leaf in attempt to mount on a palm tree
Love warned, I ignored
Oh! What a fall it was
A friend without flaws
Love picked me up without a word.

The hour glass empties
I have walked,crawled,ran in different spheres
Surely,Love was with me all the way
I have pushed Love out so many times
Just to open the door and find Love lying at the door
I once tried to harm Love,I cried afterwards

Today,I remember our first meeting
I am happy for what Love has made out of me
I am full of flaws and wrongs
But my strength is in my weaknesses-something Love said to me
I have grown very fond of Love
I am useless without Love
In all the hopeless places I have been
Love has seen me through
I can say with a poise that



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