Harbinger of hope
Friend or foe
Verily we don’t know
To be good to everyone we meet
In high times even in our low
In this cruel place we call home
Where brothers don’t hesitate a blow
And friends leave our weakness to glow
Men we barely know, give us the best parole
Oh herald of hope
Will you bring a sign for us to know
Tall or short, black or white
We will love to know
So we don’t let you go
And let our lives become slow

Oh herald of peace
Oh herald of joy
Oh herald of love
Our nation needs thee
Save us from ourselves
Help the unborn child to a better life
Help our youths the truth to know
Help our parents to embrace love and kindness
Oh harbinger of hope
Our leaders don’t care
Your wrath is what they need
The labours of our heroes wane
Our leaders don’t care if they fade
Oh Harbinger of hope
Don’t stay too late
Or our lives become a tale

One thought on “HARBINGER OF HOPE

  1. icon, u know i wont deceive you, i think you should quit architecture and take this thing to the next level. . . i’m sure late Achebe started like this, this is another wonderful piece from you, kip it up boo, -ya next door neighbour. . . **winks**

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