Hey baby!
Will you be the reason I smile?
Will you be my rainbow in this world of black and white?
Will you be my flower and I the flower bed?
Will you be my Oasis of calm amidst the sea of beautiful damsels?
Hey baby!
Will you be my moon at night?

Hey baby!
Even when your hair is a mess, I’ll still love you
Even when you don’t smell so good, I’ll still want you
Even when you are sweaty and tired, I’ll still hug you.
Even when you snore in your sleep, I’ll still hold you
Hey baby!
My turn-offs are wholeheartedly off, my love for you gave them no chance

Hey baby!
I am not the perfect lover like the guys in the movies
My mood fluctuates like the network on our phones.
Hope you’ll love my “gluttony moments” when I eat all and yours.

Broke and hungry seasons
Hey baby!
Hope you will pull through with me?

Hey baby!
I feel the butterflies in my belly
At your sight they jump in ecstacy
A promise I make too keep them healthy all day,everyday
No prey will have a chance
Hey baby,
I am all yours,will you be mine?

PS:Hey baby! I am down on one knee ☺

25 thoughts on “HEY BABY!!!

  1. Mr oreoluwatobi u amaze me. U and your friends amaze me. Am proud to b ur friend and partner in dis race. U r a man dat develops himself. U never made a mistake calling urself an icon. Not only will u go places u will b known in all places. I Agbanimu Olumide Tosin says am proud of u a thousand times i am. Keep d flag flying.

  2. Monochrome…….lips sealed….
    Proud of u brova….nice composition.
    I see ur practising “EXPRESSIONISM”..I see ur use of gyratin lines as an architect…*wink*

  3. Told U u’v wasted almost 5 yrs……bt as dey say…its Neva too late to find ur path…….nyc piece…….hope u’l start working on my wedding toast……….u’v gt a very long notice 4 dat

  4. “My mood fluctuates like the network on our phones” loool…nice..ilike….really love the part abt the turnoffs being totally off…..I’ll definitely say YES….

  5. Good piece……indeed it wasn’t ever a mistake when u cald urself an I.C.O.N. Betadays ahead of u dear.Helena is sooo proud of ya

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