Beautiful and adorable
She was ready to make hay while the sun was up
Hoping to add a little more substance to the house of virtue.
Hastily she went into her uncle’s cubicle
Just to say her goodbyes

Like a hawk,he picked her up like an agama lizard with its colours glittering in the sun.
Oh, the glory of womanhood shattered
Even her voice can’t express her shame and pain

She is the victim, yet she is going to be treated as the criminal.

The old men playing pool across the road will blame her attire.
The good women will put on the sympathetic face
But they don’t have any idea how she feels.
The young boys call her vulgar names because she once turned down one of their coterie member’s love tale.

Is it her fault she is beautiful?
Is it her fault she is the weaker vessel?

She decides to keep quiet, rather than bear the black-mark.

Uncle’s cubicle is not enough anymore
The kitchen is not for cooking alone.
Uncle walking the streets with his head raised high.
Getting more titles and respect from his kinsmen

Oh, Men of the Law are here.
But then, their cell rooms are like uncle’s cubicle too.
When will Uncle meet his match?

22 thoughts on “The Black Mark

  1. nice 1 bro, there is need for the society to protect this endangered specie of human beings (the girl child)…… keep this up

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