Like the merry little child waiting for christmas
My heart skips at every sound hoping it is you
Every other night I look to the stars searching for you.
Everyday, thoughts of you flow through my heart.

When I am around you, the best of me is unveiled
A rare piece of art in a gallery that is what you are not
Because your kind of heart can only be created in the heavenly
Just a little smile and the whole of my existence makes a meaning to me.

If roses are red alone, you are sure to be the White One amidst them
The lush of your skin,the sparkle in your eyes, that swanky walk you do past me that makes me forget the TV.
Your spontaneity and creativity turns me on.
You are different from every other kind of beauty I have ever come across
The word beauty should be an insult to you

Oh, you are also the humble one
Who makes me feel like a fool in my moment of anger
My friends call me blessed and my parents adore you
Anytime I hold you, I feel like a soldier awarded a purple heart
You have the eyes of a goddess, the tongue of wisdom and a heart of gold.

When I told the kids goodbye, all they said was “we love you dad, get us
When you told them goodnight, they held on tight like an Olympic medallist in front of the world..
Even I cant help but envy the love between you and the kids

And I love those crazy fights we have
Those times you give me the silent treatment and I cause havoc in your email and phones.
Those times I come to disturb you in the kitchen and you hit me with utensils.
The funny tussle for the TV remote control and the pillow fights

You never wait until the lover’s day before you get me gifts
You appreciate every little thing I do
Many of our nights like high school prom nights
My momma’s bestie, my papa’s daughter
My siblings friend…

…But Dear future wife, where are you?

28 thoughts on “DEAR FUTURE WIFE

  1. Beautiful piece.. Am i supposed to say beautiful as a guy? Considering u know its a romantic piece…. Oh fuck it.. Me love it, will use some of the lines to set p. 🙂 Nice one bruv.. Kudos.
    P.S – U know her here, is a ‘him’ right? Just reminding u.

  2. ORE am here now 🙂 LooOOOL nice write up. Wish I can write poems and short stories (˘̯˘ ) but well you know my area ^_^
    Shout out to you my dear #OgaAttheTop

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